POS Systems

Simplify payment processing and take control of all aspects of your business

Problems/Pain Points

Running a business requires you to sync, track, and manage many aspects of your business: payments, inventory, sales, customer service, and so much more. With the right solution, you can simplify complex tasks, locate information easier, serve customers better, and minimise mistakes.

Our Solution

That solution is Oxygen IT’s POS Systems. We are partnered with Oxygen POS — Point of Sale specialists serving New Zealand and Bangkok. Our team of certified experts can advise you on important features, functions, and hardware that work for your unique needs.

Our POS Systems can help you with

Point of Sale


Data Capture - Barcode, RFID & Labelling

Cell Phone (GPRS) Signal Boosters

Video Surveillance & security

Digital Signage

Systems Integration

Software Solutions


Plastic Card Printers

Mobile Computing Solutions

Time & Attendance

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