Cybersecurity Services

Make sure your business is safe from malware and hacker attacks

Problems/Pain Points

Do you know how secure your IT environment is? Every business has different technologies at play, and different software vendors; some are now mainly cloud-based, while others still use on-site software and hardware solutions. So how can you ensure your security solution is comprehensive and works for your unique needs?

Our Solution

Oxygen IT’s Cybersecurity service involves analysing your current security status and designing a detailed security solution that’s unique to you. We will provide unbiased on-site security analysis and offer a range of solutions to ensure your business stays safe. These solutions include local antivirus, remote monitoring, specialised firewalls, and data replication.

Oxygen IT’s Cybersecurity service will

Eliminate business disruptions and data loss by adhering to industry best practices

Validate your backup routines and test restorations

Keep firmware up to date and address hardware vulnerabilities

Ensure all cloud and on-site applications have the latest software patches

Deploy firewall and other network protections

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