As you know, Covid 19 or Coronavirus is starting to impact New Zealand’s business scene like never before, this global pandemic (as declared by the WHO March 11th) has the ability to undo years of growth and bring businesses to their knees.

One of the main issues is the lack of preparation by businesses for flexibility in working arrangements and more specifically how to manage people working remotely if they have been sent home and quarantined for two weeks (or even longer)

Here at OxygenIT we have been readying ourselves to help with any of our clients who may find themselves dealing with a business continuity scenario.

Below are 4 areas in which we can offer you the assistance and expertise to help you to enable the ongoing success of your business while going through these uncertain times.


Laptops are, plainly, the device of choice for home workers. If you have a large desktop workforce, start by listing the principal people needed to keep your organization ticking along. Not just senior personnel; prioritizing those in customer-facing and comms roles, and those delivering vital internal services (HR, IT, payroll), is arguably more important.
If your core systems are in the cloud, great job – life should be easier for you. But if they’re only accessible on-premise, or you rely on unsupported products, then you have a bigger problem.


Being able to manage access to your business-critical systems from anywhere will be paramount in the coming weeks and months. You must have the keys to your door, give them to the right people, and have the control to take them back in an instant. Our Hosted Service solutions can help you to manage the ongoing availability and access to your systems.
As part of an overall security plan, we can help with the following:

  • Securing remote access from cyber attacks
  • Securing Office 365 from cyber attacks
  • Securing backups and devices from cyber/ransomware attacks

Remember, hackers will be looking for vulnerabilities, especially during these uncertain times.


Don’t assume that your potential home-based workers have a fast and reliable internet connection. In any home, residential WiFi can be intermittent. Find out if what your employees WiFi is like and how fast/reliable it is. If there is an issue contact us for a solution that can help.


Who is going to answer the phones? An obvious solution for smaller businesses is to divert them to mobiles. But if you’re a larger organization, you need a sustainable, long-term plan. Here at OxygenIT, we can create a bespoke solution for your VoIP requirements that will allow your clients to get in contact and new customers to make contact.

The VoIP systems that we offer can amongst other things allow your employees to take their business phones home with them and plug them in to answer calls as per normal.

We hope you found this useful and thought provoking. If you have any specific questions that you would like answering please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you’re not reading this in the comfort of your home yet, the reality is that you may be joining the globe’s growing remote workforce soon. We hope you and yours stay well.


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