Why a Hosted Server Solution?

What would happen to your business in the event of loss of your core network / server?
Reduce the risks with a hosted server.

Many of our clients prefer this option as it reduces the risk of hardware failure as your services can be moved from 1 server to another in a moments notice if we detect a hardware fault. This means your systems are never down. Local onsite servers that go down often need parts ordered resulting in hours or days without your vital data.

Can’t access the building or office? No worries. With a hosted server, you can access your information from any device via our vpn connection.

The other benefit of hosted terminal server accounts is the fact you don’t have to worry about monthly or yearly Microsoft Office, Server, Anti-virus, Malware and Backup software licenses as this is all taken care of for you.

Your data can be made available to you anywhere in the world. If you have multiple office locations, or are away on a business trip, you can access your terminal service from anywhere you are with any electronic device.

Throw in the cost of a new server every 3-5 years as well as ongoing electricity, maintenance and the space it takes up and you will find having a hosted solution is a great alternative.

Where is your data located?

Located in a secure building in Christchurch is Oxygen IT’s data center. Here your data and operating system is backed up on a regular basis.

This building contains large backup generators to ensure even in the wildest of weather, your data is accessible. When central Christchurch had a blackout during the bush fires in 2016, our servers continued to run for the entire 11 hour outage.

Regular Data Replication

Part of our backup regime is the regular backups to our second data center and backup to our secure cloud servers.
This means, even if something were to happen to the local data center, we can have your company server up and running again in no time. With an onsite server, you have to wait for a repair engineer to come onsite, and even then there is a chance the part will need to be ordered in.
This could easily cause 1 – 3 days of downtime.